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2112 Rudolph Rd
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First Presbyterian Church

2112 Rudolph Road, Eau Claire WI 54701

Church Leadership 

The Presbyterian Church uses a governing system with leaders who are called, entrusted and empowered to give a Christian witness and to conduct ministry in service to Jesus Christ for the glory of God. The term Presbyterianism refers to how we conduct our church governing so as to reflect God’s Word. “Presbyter” in Greek means elder and a “Presbytery” is a governing body of ruling and teaching elders.

First Presbyterian Church of Eau Claire is part of the Presbyterian Church (USA) and we follow the Presbyterian form of government, which includes governance by elected and ordained elders.


The Session is composed of elders who have been nominated and elected by the congregation.  to serve and lead the church. These elders moderate committees and teams of Session, helping to organize our church to carryout the mission of the church.

Our current Session Members Include:

  • Mary Daniels
  • Ned Gannon
  • Sandy Griffin
  • Mary Johnson
  • Chris Kirchman
  • Tom Maijala
  • Lee Mossige
  • Dan Mundt, Jr
  • Liz Snyder
  • RIchard Snyder - Clerk of Session


Deacons are church members who are nominated, elected, ordained and installed by the church.

Deacon ministry focuses on connectional and compassionate service by seeking to encourage members and friends of the congregation with calls, visits, and cards throughout the year.

Our current Deacons include:

  • Chris Buckley
  • Mary Kell Cayley
  • Jean Maijala
  • Jamie Mossige
  • Jodie Pierce
  • Rebecca Poquette
  • Becky Wurzer

Teams & Committees

Everyone is invited and encouraged to participate on any committee or team that interests them.

Visit the FPC Calendar for updated meeting dates and times for each Team/Committee. 

* = Team Contact Person        (S) = Session Member

Caring For Us

Fellowship & Nurture

  • Chris Kirchman * (S)
  • Sandy Griffin (S)

Being Good Neighbors

Mission & Outreach

  • Mary Daniels * (S)
  • Liz Snyder (S)
  • Shannon Berger
  • Sue Janke
  • Jean Maijala
  • Hope Naples

Being Good Stewards

Finances, Building & Grounds

  • Tom Maijala* (S)
  • Mary Johnson (S)
  • Lee Mossige (S)
  • Bill Cayley
  • Keith Daniels

Faith Formation

Worship & Education

  • Ned Gannon * (S)
  • Dan Mundt, Jr (S)
  • Sara Gannon
  • Sandy Griffin (S)
  • Sharon Stedman


Personnel and Staffing

  • Chris Kirchman * (S)
  • Tom Maijala (S)
  • Mary Johnson (S)


  • Hope Naples *
  • Sara Gannon
  • Kristen Kirchman
  • Jean Maijala

Weekly Schedule



  • 10:30am Worship


  • 5:00pm "Barefoot Church"



  • 9:00am Sunday School  for all ages


  • 10:00am Monday Feast Scripture Exploration


  • 10:00am Women's Spritual Nurture Group


  • Noon - Midweek Contemplative Prayer 
  • 5:30pm Dinner
  • 6:15pm Midweek Centering Worship
  • 6:30pm Youth Group
  • 6:30pm Choir Practice (Not every Wed, see Calendar for dates)


  • 7:00pm Handbell Choir Practice

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2112 Rudolph Road, Eau Claire, Wisconsin 54701

Phone: (715) 832-1011

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